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ArosiaTM -Nurturing Life

ArosiaTM  - A newly launched domestic wall mounted RO based water purifier. ArosiaTM comes with TDS adjuster which regulates the  TDS of drinking water to optimum level.            

Feel the taste of Pure Water




HYDROTEC Equipment Solutions provides optimum management of drinking water and wastewater services for domestic and industrial purposes. It is a one stop for all your equipment and engineering needs related to water industry. It also designs the technological solutions and builds the facilities required for these services.

HYDROTEC Equipment Solutions, as an expert in water economics, provide range of Products and Services for Industrial and Municipal applications through wide spectrum of Technologies - includes physical, biological, chemical and membrane technologies for Drinking Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Desalination and Reuse & Recycling Systems-supported by dedicated team for after sell services.

Nurturing Life!

At HYDROTEC Equipment Solutions our approach is to purify water at lower cost and with less energy, while at the same time minimize the use of chemical reagents to reduce impact on the environment.